AKG D7 vokalmikrofon

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AKG D7 vokalmikrofon

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D7 er en high-end dynamisk mikrofon med AKG’s patenterte Laminated Varimotion membran.

I mikrofonen sitter det et high-pass filter (80Hz) som effektivt fjerner håndstøy.

Over membranet har D7 en humbucker coil som reduserer sjansen for interferens fra elektiske apparater.

Leveres med SA61 mikrofonholder.

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Reference Handheld Dynamic Microphone Vocals Recording Concert Sound Live Sound / AV Rentals • Reference-quality dynamic vocal microphone • Exceptionally high gain-before-feedback • Built-in high-pass filter greatly improves vocal intelligibility • Built-in Hum-Cancelling Coil minimizes electrical interference • AKG Laminate Varimotion diaphragm delivers incredibly consistent performance • New inner windscreen ensures ultra-low p-pops • Precision metal dust filter guards the diaphragm The AKG D 7 delivers the subtle, open, detailed sound of a condenser microphone, while maintaining the rugged reliability and ease of control of a dynamic microphone. At the heart of the D 7’s design is AKG’s new Laminate Varimotion diaphragm which allows precise response tuning without resonators. Thanks to the Laminate Varimotion diaphragm, the D 7 delivers beautifully-detailed sound, amazing response consistency at any SPL and absolutely incredible gain-before-feedback. You’ll find that the D 7 always sounds “right” even on the loudest stages. The D 7 also features a built-in high-pass filter that cuts out unwanted low frequencies, minimizes handling noise, and provides superior audio clarity and intelligibility. AKG`s newest dynamic microphone also features a humbucking coil that greatly reduces interference from electrical devices—ensuring that only pure vocal sounds come through. The D 7 isn’t just a pretty package – it features a super-strong, heavy-duty die-cast chassis with a thick, dent-resistant grille screen that can easily handle the inevitable accidents that happen in live performances on the road. The mic is also equipped with a gold-plated XLR-type output connector for loss-free signal transfer. The sum total of D 7’s technology is a reference-quality dynamic microphone that offers complete control for singers and speakers and, therefore, a better listening experience for audiences. Its precise, detailed sound quality, mind-boggling gainbefore-feedback, low handling noise and road-tough reliability ensure you’ll be seeing and hearing D 7s on stage with leading performers for a long time! The European-built D 7 is backed by a two-year parts and labour warranty from AKG. Available versions D 7: for standard applications. D7 WL/1: D 7 capsule for use with AKG WMS 4000 and WMS 4500 wireless systems D 7 Reference Handheld Dynamic Microphone SPECIFICATIONS Polar pattern Supercardioid Frequency range 70 to 20,000 Hz High pass Filter 80 Hz, always active Sensitivity 2.6 mV/Pa (-52 dBV) Max. SPL for 1%/3% THD 147 / 156 dB SPL Equivalent noise level 18 dB-A (IEC 60268-4) Signal/noise ratio (A-weighted) 76 dB Impedance / load Impedance ≤600 ohms, 2000 ohms Humbucking coil Integrated on capsule Connector 3-pin XLR Finish Matte gray blue Dimensions Length: 185.2 mm (7.3 in.); Diameter: 51 mm (2 in.) Net / shipping weight 340 g (12 oz.) / 655 g (1.45 lbs.) Standard accessories Padded cylindrical zip case, SA 61, replacement inner windscreen Item numbers D 7: 3139Z00010 D 7 WL 1*: D 7 capsule for WMS 4000 and 4500 *available summer 2008


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